Lectio Divina Workshop

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Introductory Lectio Divina Workshop

This workshop teaches the method of Lectio Divina as a way to pray the sacred scriptures. The workshop presents an ancient Christian tradition of prayer that nourishes and deepens one's relationship with God through reading, reflecting, responding and resting in the Word of God. The complete workshop consists of seven sessions. The first session is open to anyone who desires to learn how to pray the scriptures. This session includes presentations on ways of interacting with the Word of God — Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio, and Contemplatio — and an exploration of the fruits of one's deeping relationship with God. The other six sessions are follow-up sessions, which provide an opportunity for participants to continue to deepen their understanding of Lectio Divina and to experience the prayer in a group setting. Follow-up sessions are open only to those who have completed the first session. Participants are encouraged to attend all seven sessions and to make a 30-day commitment to a daily Lectio Divina practice. No previous experience is required.

An online Lectio Divina course is also available in partnership with Spirituality & Practice.

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